Our mission is to make the benefits of cannabis accessible to everyone.

“Cannabis has helped me with my depression and anxiety. I love that you’ve created a product that as a runner I can take without risking my lung power.”



“My super-conservative father in law is going through chemo. He is the last person I thought would be using cannabis but it turns out Breez Mints are the only thing that is helping with the side effects. He calls them his ‘afternoon delight.’”


“I was feeling really anxious today. Not ready to get back to the grind.  I took a mint, went to accupuncture and yoga and the most expansive, grounding sessions in both.”


“A friend who is an artist hasn’t been able to work due to pain. I gave him some Cinnamon CBD Mints to try and he feels like he can paint again. He says thank you for making them and that his life just changed!”


“Recently after my 4th major surgery in the past two years, my pain doctor asked me if I’d be willing to try cannabis products. After moving to California and having used your Breez Royal Mints for a few months, I have been able to get off all 12 of oral meds I was taking, and I just started reducing my implanted morphine pump dose too.”


“I get whomped by edibles normally, but Breez is so tiny that I was just in that perfect ‘soccer-mom-doing-a-shimmy’ zone.”


“I’ve been consuming marijuana for 20 years, and Breez is the best edible I’ve ever had. I love your product.”


“I’ve been on Xanax since I was 15. Edibles usually don’t work for me. I thought I’d be on Xanax the rest of my life, but now I take two Breez and I don’t need it.”


“I keep a tin with your Original Mints, Cinnamon CBD Mints and Royal Mints in my purse.  Original and Cinnamon for everyday and Royal Mints for date night!”


“This might be TMI but Breez totally cured my period cramps!”


“So I have IBS-D. It’s a very unsexy condition that is uncomfortable to talk about, no to mention live with, so I’ll save you the gory details and get to it: Breez Cinnamon CBD keeps it in check. When I travel, I can’t/don’t necessarily follow my diet and I’m bound to have flare-ups. One of these per day in the morning will keep me pain and symptom free for 24 hours.”


“For long work days and dealing with depression/anxiety, Breez CBD:THC Mints are perfect for regulating my dose and getting me through the day.”


Our Story

We founded Breez in 2015 when my grandfather Leon was struggling with the side-effects of extremely aggressive cancer treatment. I spent weeks trying to convince him to try cannabis for relief but no matter what study, article, or statistic I shared, he refused. On the last night of my visit, he finally told me, “I know you’re right. I know it would help me. But I just can’t do it.”

I left heartbroken and frustrated but with a new determination to overcome the barriers between people like my grandfather and the benefits of cannabis. I called my partner Anna from the road home and that’s when Breez was born. We realized that in order to overcome the stigma and misunderstandings leftover from prohibition, we needed to create cannabis products that are simple, reliable and above all accessible. That’s the spirit that guides everything we do as a company.

Although my grandfather passed away before we could share Breez with him, his inspiration lives on every time we hear a story from someone about how Breez has been a bridge to the benefits of cannabis for them, a friend, or a loved one.


“Breez got me out of the house today so I was able to get my nails done. Brought my pain levels way down. All with one little mint!”


“Breez Cinnamon CBD Spray. Yo, this is SO good. Because it’s got equal parts CBD to THC there’s no paranoia, no exhaustion from battling your own mile-a-minute thoughts. You just VIBE. I recently went to a music festival with this, and effortlessly two-stepped for 8 hours straight.”


“Last night I went to dinner but had no appetite.  I put a Breez Mint in my mouth and 15 minutes later was able to enjoy my meal.”


“Breez Cinnamon CBD 1:1 Tincture Spray has soothed and muted some of the pain I was feeling. I’m more tuned in to my emotions and the sensations in my body.”


“Got PTSD, these help mellow me out when I can’t smoke.  Really helpful!”