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Breez Delivery

Breez Delivery

Currently we only accept cash, in-person when the driver arrives.

You will need a current selfie along with a valid form of federally-issued ID [Valid forms of identification: driver’s license, national identity card, or passport), your own phone number, and your own email address.

We deliver to all of California.

Please call our hub to connect with drivers 833-My-Breez (833-692-7339)

To cancel an order please contact our support team immediately. We’re always available 8 AM-10 PM PST.

Contact our team immediately to see what we can do. If the order is en route, a new one may need to be created.

All drivers have change, please notify our support team if you will require change for large bills. All orders are rounded up, drivers do not carry coins.

To change a scheduled order please contact our support team immediately. We’re always available 8 AM-10 PM PST.

Outside, at the curb of the delivery address.

You can tip your driver for their wonderful service with cash or using a mobile payment app such as: Venmo, Paypal, or CashApp. Please ask for the driver’s mobile payment tip handle to proceed with mobile payment tipping.

Please get in touch with our support staff immediately so we can get you the item you deserve. We are able to assist no later than 24-48 hours after receiving your order.

Please make sure to check the contents of your order before accepting them from your courier. If you are unhappy with your order, please reach out directly to us at and reference your order number

Unfortunately, if we are not able to reach you at the number associated with your account upon your scheduled delivery time, your driver has to move on to the next delivery. However, if there is another time that works better for you, please let us know. The order will be canceled and will have to be replaced otherwise. Feel free to email us at with any questions!

Every year hundreds of millions of people visit California and many of them leave with Breez in their pockets.  While we appreciate the passionate Breez fans in every state and country, we do not ship to locations outside of California at this time.  More states are in development and we will be expanding soon so sign up for updates.

Breez Products

Breez is the original cannabis mint. We make discrete, great-tasting and effective products in a few different forms-mints, tablets and tinctures. Breez is for Everyone. With a range of targeted, cannabinoid-specific terpenes and doses, from microdose for the canna-curious user to extra-strength, for the heavy dosers. There is something for everyone looking to enjoy the benefits of cannabis; whether that’s a fun night out or a better night’s sleep.

The “best by” date is listed on the side of the tin. We recommend fully consuming Breez within 12 months of purchase to maintain full potency and flavor. Please store in a cool, dry place.

The tin has a push/slide childproof mechanism. To open, hold down the push with your thumb, with your other hand move the slide button to either the left or right, gently push up on PUSH and bam, tin is open.

Remove the spray nozzle cover. Shake then hold down right button with thumb and press button on top. Aim at mouth, avoid eye area.

Yes, but we suggest letting the mints dissolve in your mouth.

No- we suggest swallowing whole with water. We do not suggest chewing the tablets.

We do, and so does everyone we know. Review relevant state, local and national laws and don’t do anything illegal or dangerous.

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For any product and Breez delivery questions or feedback, reach out to us, we’d love to hear from you.

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