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Cinnamon Relief 1:1 Mint Tin


CBD:THC per mint 5mg:5mg
mints x20

Relieve stress and support recovery post-workout or post-workday. Cinnamon Relief 1:1 delivers the full therapeutic benefits of cannabis with a balanced blend of 5 MG THC and 5 MG CBD in each mint. Made with full-spectrum cannabis oil and naturally anti-inflammatory cinnamon oil.

Recommended Dose

Wait 1-2 hours for full effect – May last up to 8 hours.


Made with 100% natural ingredients and full spectrum cannabis extract.

Sugar, Full-Spectrum Cannabis Extract, Gum Arabic, Cinnamon Oil, Natural Flavoring.

Cinnamon Relief Mints FAQ

All Breez Mints are gluten-free. While other brands of mints use a variety of chemical excipients to bind their mints, Breez Mints are 100% all-natural with sugar as the base. Breez Mints contain no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners.

Breez Mints are made with full-spectrum cannabis extract. While other products often use heavily processed distillates and isolates, we use only minimally processed full-spectrum extract because it preserves the complete range of natural cannabinoids, terpenes and phytochemicals for maximum benefits and a better experience.

Yes. Every batch of Breez Mints is tested for contaminants including pesticides, heavy metals and microbials (mold, bacteria) at multiple stages. Each batch undergoes a final regulatory compliance test conducted by a third-party laboratory before the product is allowed to be sold.

Every Breez product bears a UID number (Unique Identifier), a 24-character alphanumeric code designed to track cannabis plants and products from seed to sale, ensuring that all cannabis is grown, processed, and sold in compliance with California state regulations. If you would like to see laboratory testing results for any Breez product, please email an inquiry including the UID number that appears on the package to

Yes, Breez Mints can be consumed sublingually (under the tongue) for rapid absorption and fast onset, or chewed and swallowed like an edible. To take a mint sublingually, just let it dissolve in your mouth rather than chewing and swallowing.

If you are new to cannabis, we recommend starting with a single, sublingual dose to best gauge the effects. As with all ingestible cannabis, wait at least two hours to feel the full effect before taking more. The mints can be

The onset of effects varies and can usually be felt within 30 minutes. Depending on diet, metabolism, and other personal factors, it can take up to two hours to feel the full effects. Effects may last up to 8 hours.

If you’re new to the Mints, we recommend waiting two hours to feel the full effects before consuming more. Consuming the mints sublingually (under the tongue) leads to a faster onset of effects.

The Cinnamon Relief Mints can be taken any time, day or night. Because they do not have a psychoactive effect, they can be taken during the day and at times that require focus. Many customers find CBD works best as a consistent daily dose, producing cumulative recovery effects over time.

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