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Relax/High THC

Permanent Marker Preroll



A pungent cross of well-known Biscotti, Jealousy, and  Sherb Bx. Permanent Marker fuses both candy and floral gas tones with soapy funk. Fit for that much needed daytime smoke – spike in creativity and appetite included.

Sashi Preroll FAQ

All Sashi flower is high-end indoor, sourced with a focus on the quality of flavor, scent, and effect.

Yes, Sashi Prerolls are 100% full flower made with ground buds. They contain no mixers or trim.

We choose the best strains year-round from growers across California. Strain selection varies from time to time. Often, the best flower comes in small batches with limited quantities. While favorites often sell out quickly, the variety continues to expand.

Every harvest and batch of flower we source is tested for contaminants including heavy metals, pesticides and microbials at multiple stages. Each batch of prerolls undergoes a final regulatory compliance test conducted by a third-party laboratory before the product is allowed to be sold.

Every Sashi product sold bears a UID number (Unique Identifier), a 24-character alphanumeric code designed to track cannabis plants and products from seed to sale, ensuring that all cannabis is grown, processed, and sold in compliance with California state regulations. If you would like to see laboratory testing results for your Sashi Flower, please email an inquiry including the UID number that appears on the package to

Sashi Prerolls are made with fine rolling papers and paper tips, sealed with organic arabic gum from the acacia tree.

Sashi prerolls should be stored in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.  Maintaining the prerolls in an airtight container such as the original jar or bag is the best way to preserve freshness and flavor.

Sashi is rolled and packed fresh on demand and is best enjoyed within a few weeks after opening. While the flower may lose freshness and flavor over time, it is still smokeable as long as it has been kept away from moisture. To maximize freshness, keep out of heat and sunlight and seal tightly in its original packaging or other airtight container.

Sashi Prerolls are packaged in recyclable plastic bags. Check your packaging for specific recycling instructions.

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