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What are Breez Extra Strength Vapes?

Breez Extra Strength Vaporizers are 100% liquid cannabis diamonds in a rechargeable, disposable pen. Breez Vapes were inspired by our bestselling Tablets and are available in all of the same targeted effects including THC vapes in Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid options as well as CBD vapes in our Relief and Nighttime formulas.


Why choose Breez Vapes?

Breez Vapes contain only 100% cannabis diamonds without filler or additives. Unlike vape pens made with highly processed distillates that strip the beneficial and flavorful natural terpenes, Breez vapes preserve the full natural profile of the cannabis plant. Our pens contain an all glass and ceramic heating element to warm the diamonds to the point of vaporization for an easy and flavorful draw. These discreet disposable pens can be recharged and easily fit in your palm or pocket.

How do Breez Vapes work?

A ceramic heating element heats the liquid cannabis diamonds to a precise temperature to produce a vapor without combustion. Simply inhaling activates the pen – no need to push a button. When inhaled, the vaporized cannabinoids enter the lungs and are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, offering near-immediate effects. This provides a smokeless method of consumption with similar benefits to smoking such as quick onset and a shorter duration of effects.



Our vaporizers are made with high-terpene, cold-processed cannabis diamonds that provide a stronger and smoother smoking experience than other vape pens.

The charger for the Breez Vaporizer is a micro USB.

The lifespan of a cartridge depends on usage habits, but typically a 1g cartridge offers approximately 200-400 puffs.

While cannabis is legal in many states, laws vary. Always check local and federal regulations before traveling.

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