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What are CQ Drinks?

CQ’s cannabis drinks are a refreshing way to consume cannabis. Like edibles, cannabis drinks provide a prolonged experience but have a faster onset due to liquid absorption.


How do cannabis drinks work?

Cannabis drinks can be sipped like a beverage or mixed with your favorite juice or bubbly. The active ingredients are absorbed both through digestion and more directly through the mouth leading to a quicker onset than solid edibles. Precise doses of different cannabinoids can be infused into drinks to create THC drinks, CBD drinks as well as various combinations

Why choose CQ Drinks?

CQ drinks were born and raised in Venice, CA since 2008. Each beverage is carefully crafted with the tastiest and freshest ingredients including real natural fruit juice and terpene-rich cannabis. CQ Drinks are great to sip on their own or use to unleash your inner mixologist to create refreshing, alcohol-free fun.


Cannabis Drinks FAQ

Cannabis drinks are beverages that have been infused with cannabis extracts, offering a faster-acting experience than solid edibles.

Effects can be felt as quickly as 15 minutes or take up to an hour, depending on individual factors.

Yes, CQ is a great addition to your favorite juice or bubbly. Drink responsibly and be aware of combined effects..

Store in a cool place, and refrigerate after opening if recommended on the label.

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