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What is Sashi Flower & Prerolls?

Sashi is the best cannabis flower chosen from farms across California. Sashi currently offers whole flowers and prerolls.


Why Choose Sashi Flower and Prerolls?

Sashi is the best flower available whole and in prerolls, brought to you by Breez. We are not a farm. Instead, we choose our favorite strains from farms across the state. Each harvest is packed fresh and delivered weekly. Sashi is also the first zero-waste cannabis. We use minimal bags that are 100% recyclable.

What strains are available?

Sashi strain selection varies weekly. Strains are limited and sell out fast. To be the first to hear when new strains drop sign up for our email list at


Sashi Flower & Pre-Rolls FAQ

Indica strains are most often associated with relaxing, full-body effects and can even be sedative. In contrast,, sativa strains are considered energizing with more cerebral effects., Hybrids tend to be a balanced combination of indica and sativa effects..

THC content differs among strains; however, it’s important to note that all Sashi products consistently feature elevated THC levels. For precise THC dosage information per product, please consult the product label, which provides specific cannabinoid profiles.

Keep them in a cool, dry place. Either keep them sealed in their original packaging or transfer to another airtight container to preserve freshness and potency.

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