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What is Breez Gear?

Breez Gear is highly functional accessories like tote bags, tee shirts, lanyards, and matches from Breez and our sister brands Goldmine Gummies and Sashi. Everything is cannabis-free but also cannabis-friendly.


Why choose Breez Gear?

Like our cannabis products, we are highly selective about the gear we make. We create only things we like to use and wear ourselves and use the best possible materials like like rugged 100% cotton for our tote bags and tees.

Breez Gear FAQ

Orders placed at this site are only for delivery in California. However, you can purchase our gear for shipping to all 50 states over at

Absolutely.  Great for fans of the products as well as anyone who appreciates practical tools. 

We give customers 30 days from the day they receive their order to submit a request for refunds/exchanges on all Breez gear.

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